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Added: Wednesday April 29th 2009
By: Don Shipley

It’s been said, and I believe it, that guys who join the Navy model themselves after their first Chief Petty Officer they are assigned to. My first Chief when I was 17 and stationed on a Frigate in Japan was named Lafond.
The sun rose and set on the ship with Chief Lafond and he commanded respect.

Me… I was just scared of him…

He was a decorated “Brown Water” Navy vet from his time in Vietnam on Gunboats and every so often, he’d tell us about being ambushed on a river and doing CPR with his foot on his buddy who had been shot during the firefight.
Lafond stayed in the fight manning a deck mounted .50 machine gun returning fire and used his foot on the wounded mans chest to perform chest compressions.

A no nonsense guy who simply believed in the “work hard, play hard” mentality with his subordinates. If you worked hard for Chief Lafond, then nothing bad would happen to you and I tested him on many occasions.

I was always...


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