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Hello sir, i am almost 13 and being a navy SEAL is my ultimate dream. Since i was 4 being in the military is what i knew i wanted to do. But the marines or the army never really grasped my attention. Then by age 7 my attention to SOF and at first, the airborne fascinated me. But then one fateful day, i forgot how , i learned about the NAvy SEALs. Its as if i knew about the SEALs all along. Since I was 10 my life was set. I have always been about military. My family, does not own any guns, or really gives a hoot about the military. I became interested in the military because it is my destiny. The reason for me writting this is to fufill one of my dreams, to contact a Navy SEAL. It is a true honor to write you this. Just curious what SEAL team were you in? I am serious about this and no one truly understantds my passion for this. My parents can relate, but they dont understand. And i get alot of these questions: why do you want to do that, do you want to die? Or, you could such better things. My answer to that is either not to say anything because they dont understand, or to say when i die whether it be, 25 or 85 i want to be able to say that i did something important, that i did somthing that helped somebody. Not that i sat in a cubicle for 20 years working for some corprate company. I hope you reply! Hooooyaaaaa!
The only easy day was yesterday!
From, Tanner (THMDproductions)

Re: Hello sir.

Some guys just like what the Military offers, security and a bit of adventure sometimes.

Other guys, very, very few guys... want something more demanding, something more "Elite." Often Special Forces. Recon, Ranger is what their looking for.

Then... there are a few really dumb guys like you and me... Just a tiny fraction of the population who want to do the hardest, most dangerous thing they can find to do and they become SEALs.

SEAL Team should be something NOBODY wants to do, and most guys don’t want it because it’s too hard and dangerous. I guess that’s the reason some guys want it so badly.

You’re right about the office cubical... I’d hang myself if I had to do something like that.

You and I "ain’t quite right" wanting to be SEALs. Get used to NO ONE understanding how you think, or why you want to become a SEAL. They don’t think the same way you do, and the office cubical is something they want "Badly" and work hard to get.
A 9 to 5 job each day doing the same and I don’t understand "them" either.

Good Luck Tanner... Work VERY HARD, and the dream will happen...

I was at SEAL Team One and Two... Talk soon... Don Shipley

Re: Re: Hello, sir
Thank you so much for replying, and for the great advice. What you said couldnt make more sense to me. And I heard about the SEAL experince that you run. By the time I am old enough i will find a way to get over to where you run it. Expect to see me in the next 4 or so years. I plan (this summer) to go to SEAL team camp run by ex-navy SEALs. Cant wait to do it. The adivice you gave me on the office cubical gave me a new way of looking at why they dont understand me, why should i be sad if they dont understand me, when i dont undersatnd them. And your right no one will understand, so i gotta get used to it. And i loved what you said, some wants what the military offers, some want elite, and others, well dumb guys want to be SEALs. And its true, no one should want to have instructers beat your ass for seven monthes, jump out of a moving C-130, go through SQT, then go to kodiak and freeze your ass off, train for 18 monthes, then ship of to some foriegn country to fight. But it appeals to me, and you. A couple more questions, when did you want to be a SEAL and How was your BUD/S experince, let me guess, the worst but best time of you life? Tanner

Re: Re: Re: Hello, sir
After a few years in the Navy, I got stationed in Coronado, CA, and saw the guys going through BUD/S. I though i’d like to do that and things worked out...

I did very well in BUD/S except struggling with math.

I spent half of BUD/S laughing, and the other half crying.

Talk soon... Don

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