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Online Fake Navy SEAL Scams

Nigerian Scam
Nigerian Scam

SEAL Team SIX Fake Officer
SEAL Team SIX Fake Officer

A person will only tell you they’re a Navy SEAL when they are not for three reasons.
1. To gain Respect.
2. To Intimidate.
3. To build Trust and then you get SCREWED

Online scams involving Fake SEALs have escalated recently leaving drained bank accounts and broken hearts. Most come from "Dating Websites" and a crazy amount have come from Christian

I guess people who claim to be a Christian are more believable and they are NOT.

The scams usually involve a deployed SEAL or Solider overseas and an online relationship begins with promises of love and support when they return home and finally meet the victim, but that NEVER happens.

The two photo’s ABOVE are from online dating scams that involve Fake SEALs and I have dozens more.

The first picture was from a "three-week" romance that ultimately led to the sending of this phony document to the victim requesting enough information and a signature that was intended for Identity Theft. Full name, address, cell phone number, occupation and a SIGNATURE is all that’s needed, and more, for Identity Theft.

Reading the first document carefully Phrases like "that every information" and "is to be best of our" are broken English Phrases. Also capitalized words like "Knowledge and Submission" when they should not be capitalized. Also the date sent was in June of 2013 long after American Troops left Iraq.

FYI No Navy SEAL would ever write Seal. A Seal is a marine mammal. SEAL is an acronym for Sea, Air and Land and always capitalized. We learn that on our first day of SEAL training

The bottom line for this scam was the skinny Nigerian turd sent a pile of pictures he stole from Facebook of a good looking guy to the victim. One of the pictures was of the guy in a Police Officers uniform and we were able to trace the picture to a Police Department in Maryland. Contacting their Internal Affairs and sending them the pictures and story I shortly received a phone call from a very embarrassed Police Officer who had no part in the scam except having his pictures stolen.

The victim was told that the "Only Way" this SEAL could get out of Iraq and meet her was if she filled out the form and sent it back to him

The "SECOND" attached picture is from an asshole who claimed to be in SEAL Team SIX as well and was deployed in Pakistan as a Commander, Team Leader and Sniper. (Aren’t they all)

This relationship went on for "Three-Months" before I was contacted and I outed the clown.

His claims were OUTRAGEOUS but that makes them more believable to many. The best one being he had 11 Purple Hearts. Easily Googled, the most Purple hearts ever awarded was eight.

Everything about this clown were red flags that went unnoticed. Bit by a poisonous snake, daily rescue missions, no pictures allowed, Team SIX, Commander. But after 800 email exchanges (really) he contradicted himself on the amount of money he’d get being a retired Commander each year. First saying it was $34,000 and a few hundred emails later he said it was $50 some thousand.

He would return home, marry her and support her and her child. A DREAM COME TRUE

His email address was and searching that showed very little information. Changing that from Gmail to "" and his world of deceit unfolded; he like many phonies used at least two email accounts He was a major player and searching yogibear195062 turned up much information. Instead of Pakistan he was in Bakersfield, California

Bottom Line NEVER believe a SEAL Claim online. NEVER believe in a Free Lunch. IF it’s too good to be true, it is. Use Google, search names, claims, phone numbers and email addresses; see what pops up Google their names with "Navy," with "SEAL" and with "Mugshot." Also look at Google images.

If they EVER CLAIM SEAL Team SIX, Officer or SEAL Sniper you better run for cover It’s a scam

In the End If it smells like shit, it’s shit

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