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These are just some fun workouts to mix up your training and prevent boredom. These are not requirements for Extreme SEAL or actual SEAL Training in the Navy.

Many judge you by what you look like and not what you can do.
You can look like you are in great shape but when it comes down to it you have nothing but beach muscle and the fitness information below will help your training.
It is very important in the SEAL Teams that you can handle your body plus the weight of your gear.
What I mean by body weight is how much you weigh slick with nothing on.
You need to keep in mind that when you walk out the door to go to work you always have at least thirty extra pounds of gear on, and depending on your job that night you might have as much as 50 or more extra pounds.

First you need to get a true body weight and then see where you are at.
First test. Body weight bench press, you should strive to get around 20 reps.
Body weight dead lift, 20 reps
Body weight squat, 20 reps
Pull-ups, 20 reps. If you have never lifted weights before you should start out light and work your way up slowly to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.
Form is the most important part of the exercise .

You don’t do the team any good if you can’t pull your own weight. That just means that some other guy in the team has to be that much stronger just to carry your weight..not good.

Many TEAM guys don’t enjoy running but it is a very important part of the team. Running long distances is good but what you really need is SPRINTS. Being able to run as fast as you can with all that gear on to find cover, and to be able to shoot when you get there is PARAMOUNT.
Yes you need to be able to run a long distance at a fast pace but sprints will save your life well before a 10-mile jog. If you need to work on your running start out by finding your 1 mile time all out effort and then work from there. Start off running 5 miles a week at a good pace then work yourself up and increase the speed and the distance. Your goal is to be able to walk out of your door with no warm up and run 3 miles in under 21 minutes.

I will give you a few workouts to try and if you like them give us some feed back, and I’ll post more for you. This is just to see where you’re at.

MONDAY. Start with body weight bench press. 4 sets max reps, 2 mins rest between each set. Followed by pull-ups 4 sets max reps, 2 mins rest between each set, followed by 3 sets max sit-ups 2 mins rest, and then body weight squats no weight, just stand up and do a full squat, your thighs should break the 90 degree angle. 4 sets of 25 reps. Time the workout and save the time so the next time you do the work out you can see your progress. ALL OUT EFFORT!

TUESDAY. Timed 3 mile run, try to stay below a 7:30 mile, record the time to see the progress. Do what you can, the times will get shorter the harder you train, push yourself!!!!!


THURSDAY. PUSH-UP/ SPRINT COMBO: Mark out 100 meters, then start your watch, do 20 perfect push ups and sprint as fast as you can to the other end. Your rest is the time it takes you to walk back, you will perform 5 sets of this. Then stretch for 20 mins.

FRIDAY: ABS 1 warm up set of sit ups, perform 50 slow sit-ups, take as much time a you need. Next is knees to elbows. You hang on the pull-up bar and with your legs about shoulder width apart you pull your knees to your elbows. SOUNDS EASY?Its not. Try to perform 3 sets of 10 reps.

Next flutter kicks; to do the exercise you lay on your back hands under your butt and legs completely straight with your head off the ground. Start the flutter kick raising one leg up and keeping the other one 6 inches off the ground keep switching at a comfortable pace. This is a four count exercise, and you need to keep your legs so the lowest they can go is 6 inches from the ground and the highest is 36 inches. Perform 100 reps in as few sets as possible. Next is V ups 5 sets of 20 reps. A V up is laying on your back with your legs straight and your arms back over your head, then bring them up together in the middle of your body, if this does not hurt your not doing them correctly. Stretch as needed.

SATURDAY. Pull-up/ dip combo. Do 100 pull-ups and 100 dips in as few sets as possible, so if you do 10 pull-ups then do as many dips as you can until you get 100 reps of each.



We have a little thing we like to do called a MIND F**K.
The reason for this is to test yourself and see if you still have the edge. In the teams we test ourselves all the time and we usually drag our friends along for the ride. If you want to test yourself try a few of these but if you do them take a good day of rest after to let your body heal.

1. 135lb. Bench press 300 reps in under 30 min. That’s 1 set of ten every min on the min.

2. Bench press half of your 1 rep max. That means whatever you max bench one rep, cut that weight in half and bench it 100 times in as few sets as possible, as fast as you can.

3. Do a pull-up pyramid 1 to 10 and back down, meaning you do 1 pull-up drop off wait a second then do 2 drop off all the way up to 10 when work your way back down to 0. As fast as you can?1 to 10 and back down is = to 100 pull -ups.

4. Do the same thing as MIND F**K # 3 but do it with a 25 lb plate around your waist. Have fun.. It sucks.

5. Dead lift double your body weight. Meaning if you weigh 200 lb you dead lift 400 lbs, as many times as you can in 30 mins.

6. Run 800 meters = 1 half mile. As fast as you can, remember the time and run back and try to do it faster than before, run that 800 meters run 6 times= 3 miles


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