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How did you Survive Hell Week?

QUESTION: So how did you do it, how did you make it through BUDS and more specifically Hell Week? Do some people just have an inner drive that no matter how cold or hard it gets, they would never quit? In my mind I believe I truly will make it. I told myself I would prepare myself to my best ability and never ring that bell. This isn’t something I want for the reputation nor the recognition because I know there is little of both. I believe most of the kids out there aspiring to be SEALS saw a movie or read a book on it and don’t understand the harsh reality and nature of the work.

ANSWER: You’re right about the book thing. Me, it never got hard enough to quit and I just fit in and was liked by the Class and Instructors. I was just happy to be there.
I put a guy through two Hell Night courses and he quit both times in just a 24 hour simulation of Hell Week. He went to BUD/S and quit after 3 days of INDOC. Never even started BUDS, and I never encouraged him to go. Quite the opposite. Some guys you can’t figure out...........Don

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