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buds training

Sheadaddy908 Hey Buds131 my names Seamus O’Brien i’m 17 and Ive been giving the seals and buds training serious thought. I know I want to go into the navy through the academy god willing or maybe Penn State NROTC I hate quitting and mentally I think I can hack it I’ll know for sure when I’m laying in the cold surf , but my question is this: I’m 5’5 and a half and about 140 ish Marcus Luttrell(lone survivor) and Dick Couch (the warrior elite) said that buds is a small mans game is that true ? Hooyah smurf crew! Buds131( Smaller guys obviously do better at many things at BUDS Training than bigger guys physically but there are not a lot of smaller guys just as there are not a lot of bigger guys. The bulk of the guys in a BUDS Class are average size guys. The smaller guys are in the Smurf Crew and not "Crews" as in there ain’t a lot of them, same with big guys. Smaller guys may have an easier time doing some things, but I wouldn’t say that smaller guys have a real big advantage. It’s who you are inside.
Good luck.

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