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Allowable Time

Minimum Repetitions/Time

Competitive Repetitions/Time

Rest Period

500-yard swim using breast and/or sidestroke

12:30 Minutes

12:30 Minutes

10:00 Minutes

10 Minutes


2:00 Minutes



2 Minutes


2:00 Minutes



2 Minutes


No time limit

6 (dead hang)

11 (dead hang)

10 Minutes

1.5 miles Run wearing boots and trousers

11:30 Minutes/Seconds


10:20 Minutes/Seconds


I stood by the pool at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado to take my first SEAL Physical Screening Test. There were three others taking the test that day and all were seated except me at a table poolside when a MONSTER of a SEAL approached us. Clipboard in hand, he wore UDT swim trunks, the standard Blue and Gold tee shirt emblazoned with UDT/SEAL Instructor on his breast, and shiny jungle boots.

We were dressed in white tee shirts, dungaree pants and boots for the test.

He walked to the side of the table, leaned over, and spit Copenhagen tobacco on the chest of the three guys who were seated one at a time and told them to leave.

He told them a LOT more than just to leave, but I’ll leave that tirade of obscenities part out.

He didn’t like guys sitting down I guess...

He and another Instructor gave me the test alone and I failed the pull-ups section and was told to take my Sorry F**KIN Ass back from where I came from and never return.

It took a lot of guts on my part but I asked if I could finish the test.

In my face he yelled YOU F**KIN FAILED! GET OUT!!!

I replied I know I failed, I’ll work hard on the pull-ups for the next screening can I please finish the test?

He allowed it and I passed my run easily.

I learned a couple things that day. One, if you want to become a SEAL you’d better act the part. Lounging around slumped in a chair sends the wrong message, a message that you don’t take many things seriously.

Two, and I don’t recommend arguing with SEAL Instructors, but sometimes you need to show desire and a will to win. You discover in BUD/S quickly that Instructors want to see how you handle failure. Will you walk away or will you stand tall?

I came back a few weeks later and failed again on the pull-ups but completed the test again.

The third try was a charm and I passed and soon received orders to BUD/S Training.

The SEAL PST is the first evolution trainees take at Extreme SEAL Experience on Saturday morning. I don’t care one single bit how well they do, JUST COMPLETE THE TEST.

Taken correctly it’s a bitch and designed to attack every muscle in your body.

First is the swim either breast stroke or sidestroke. Breaststroke is fine but you’ll never do it in BUD/S and never in SEAL Team either. I recommend you work hard on sidestroke.

Finishing the swim ZAPS strength and most guys feel like a limp noodle getting out of the pool. You have 10 minutes after the swim to get in your boots and long pants before continuing the test.

Pairing up, you’ll begin the push-ups and you need perfect form. Your elbows MUST break a 90-degree with your shoulders. You can ONLY rest in the up position for 2 seconds before continuing, and you have two minutes to do as many push-ups as you can. Your hands can NEVER leave the ground to “Shake Out.”

The push-ups became a problem for me during the test when I did it.

Id Max Out on the push-ups but didn’t have enough left for the pull-ups. It’s great if you can do 100 good push-ups but if you can’t do enough pull-ups afterwards the 100 push-ups mean nothing.

Practicing the test is required so that you know for example, I can do 75 push-ups and still have enough left over for the pull-ups.

Two minutes of rest between the push-ups and the sit-ups.

Knees bent and feet held by another SEAL hopeful, your arms are crossed on your chest and your hands can never leave your chest. Many guys hold a handful of tee shirt in each hand to remind them not to let go. Hands losing contact the chest means disqualification.

Coming Up, your elbows must come across the knees. Merely touching the knees doesn’t count, they need to come across the knees. You can rest in the Up position only and only for two seconds before you must continue.

Two-minute rest and you begin the pull-ups.

The pull-ups are Dead Hang and no kipping or jerking legs are allowed. Straight up, all the way down, and straight up again.

A ten-minute rest and you’ll begin the 1.5-mile run. Simple enough and no explanation needed.

Guys who pass the test by doing the minimum required to pass, have a 3% success rate in BUD/S. You need to be competitive and work hard. Meeting the minimum standards is never acceptable in SEAL Team.

Good Luck.

By the way... I became good friends with the Instructor who spit the Copenhagen and allowed me to finish the test years later.

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