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BUD/S Training, the Toughest Military Training in the World, has a 75-80% attrition rate. The seven or eight out of ten men who fail or quit SEAL Training in the Navy are not just average guys walking the streets today, they’re the best the Navy has.

These are guys who have worked their asses off to get to BUD/S. The best runners, the best swimmers, above average intelligence, superior eyesight and physical strength.

These are the guys who quit or fail training and not some regular clown that thinks it looks cool.

Why do they fail? Simple... They are completely unprepared to be thrown in the Gladiatorial Arena at BUD/S. They have no idea how hard it is, they have no idea what kind of guys become SEALs, they have no idea of the commitment, and they have no idea of the life style.

In short, they think they know, but what the really know is next to nothing about being a SEAL and they quit. Fast...

Here’s what happens to the typical guy wanting to become a SEAL. You see a movie about SEALs, read a book, watch a documentary. You join the Navy, go to BUDS and quit or fail training. This is typically what happens and the reason why the attrition rate at BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition School) stays around 70-80%. Most guys don’t make it because they have no idea what they’re getting into. You can’t possibly get it from reading a book or watching a documentary, no way! You have to experience it, by doing it.

I will show you exactly what you’ll be facing in BUD/S and SEAL Team, and after a single day at Extreme SEAL Experience you’ll know 100% in your heart and mind if you have it or not.

Your chances of making it through BUDS training ain’t that great, and most guys just won’t make the grade. You talk all kinds of smack to family and friends about being a SEAL. You join the Navy, pass the screening test for BUDS, go through all the trouble of getting orders, transfer to San Diego, bet everything you have and go for it then you quit or fail training

That Won’t Happen to Me! Maybe not, but it happens to most. My BUDS class started with 120 guys who all said It Won’t Happen to Me, and six months later only 24 of us were still standing, that’s 80%.

Quitting or failing BUDS is very traumatic and you will always carry the scars. That’s a tough phone call to make home. It’s over and I’m going to some big gray ship somewhere for the rest of my time. The dream is over. You’re done. And it’s over because you simply had no idea how hard it was going to be and what you’re expected to be able to do to call yourself a SEAL.

Our course is about what it takes to be a SEAL and what it’s like to be one. If you come, you’ll learn one of two things. I have what it takes, or I don’t. You will enter BUDS more confidently and work hard to become one in the 30% who makes it, or you’ll know for sure that you won’t and work harder on the areas you’re weak in.

Another point is that being a SEAL looks great in the movies but actually being one is a different story and many guys aren’t cut out for that lifestyle. SEALs love doing things that hurt, that are dangerous, and just things that the average guy would look at and say Not No, but Hell No.

Finding out in BUDS that you are a Hell No kind of guy is a problem and you quit.

It’s hard to describe or even put into words what this experience does inside of you.

When I came to this on Friday I had a SEAL contract set to leave for boot camp on Jan 20, 09! I say had because, after Hell Night and speaking with many SEALs about BUD/S and SEAL life in general, I know that becoming a SEAL is not for me, however I am extremely appreciative of the time I had here with Don and all of the SEALs who gave their time to come and instruct us. I have an incredible respect for all the SEALs and am grateful for what they do. About the course, wow! Don is freaking awesome! This course is personable and informative. It is going to take me a month to digest all of the experiences and information I obtained here. I have grown so much as a person, thanks Don for everything. There were no negative points during the whole course, everything was great Nate

The Bad Ass above, Nate, came for the full course. A complete package and a real ass-kicker, Nate realized SEAL Team wasn’t a good fit. It happens here

This course is a small taste of BUD/S and SEAL Team. I’ll show you what’s about to happen when you enter the doors of the BUD/S compound, and the rest is up to you.

I don’t recruit for SEAL Team. I don’t run around waving SEAL flags and screaming, SEAL TEAM, SEAL TEAM during the courses, but you’ll never hear me say anything negative about SEAL Team either. There are no negatives about SEAL Team.

It’s all about being the right guy for the job.

A smart guy can look at the attrition rate at BUD/S and think; I better have my shit together in a HUGE WAY.

A dumb guy looks at the attrition rate at BUD/S and thinks, That doesn’t apply to me.

The green helmets of dumb guys begin lining up at the bell within minutes of day one at BUD/S

I’ve seen it…

Come here for one day or a week, and see before you attempt the Toughest Military Training in the World if you have what it takes to become a Navy SEAL.

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