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guitaristdf Buds131, When i hopefully pass buds do i still stand the chance of failing? i know you go to jump school and i don’t know what else. i was hoping you could tell me. But anyways i don’t see how there is a big chance after Buds that you can fail, is there?

Buds131 BUD/S is Basic Underwater Demolition School. After that, there is no more ’Basic’ in anything you’ll do and some guys, a few, who make it through BUD/S will not cut it in the Teams. Doing something stupid, not safety conscience enough, or guys not trusting you and you’ll lose that Trident fast. There is only so much that can be seen about a guy in BUD/S. When you move from basic to advanced training some guys can’t do it and yes, they fail.. SEAL Team is the big boys club.
Kick some ass...

Don so really just don’t act like an idiot and do something stupid. Like i would think not showing up for something would be a red flag, or acting like an ass.

Buds131 No one will spend time in the Military and not show up late or make an ass of themselves at some point. I’m talking about being a Commando and having guys entrust their lives to you. You can act like an ass all day long but if you can’t be counted on to perform under extreme duress you won’t be around long. I’m the King of pulling dumb shit in SEAL Team, but when being a SEAL counted, guys felt better when I was there and I felt better when they were there... That’s what I’m talking about...

guitaristdf i understand.

Buds131 Great. You always ask good questions guitaristdf and there are not a lot of places to get them answered but I do my best and everything I say to guys is the truth. Just be yourself and take your very BEST shot by being ready for BUD/S. That’s what ALL SEALs have done before you and ALL of us had the same questions and fears you have.
I have spent most of my life in SEAL Team and have led that life full of pure SUCK.
If I had a chance to do it again, I’d be in a BUD/S class tomorrow.

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