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Gear Grenade

Added: Sunday August 17th 2008
By: Don Shipley

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Hydrographic Recon Chart

August has been a nice break, with very nice weather, and very unusual for a typical August in Virginia. A nice break, but work never stops here, and my days for the next week or so are about getting prepared for the September guys.

What have I been doing

I’ve been going through every single piece of gear and equipment I have, and no small task.

While it’s not backbreaking work rifling through the many para bags and cruise-boxes I have, its always sentimental with much time spent reminiscing. 

Every piece of gear has a story or two behind it.

I still have my Escape and Evasion belt for Combat Swimmer Operations. It was simply a web belt worn over my wet suit and held a bayonet, a one quart canteen, a pistol holster, chem-lite, strobe light, spare face mask, and rubber straps in case one of my fins broke during the dive.
Diving all over the world, in all types of water...


My Worst Day of BUD/S.

Added: Friday August 29th 2008
By: Don Shipley

I was asked in E-Mail “What was the worst day you spent in BUD/S?”

Hell that’s easy, my last day…

No, it wasn’t sentimental; it was the “nothing is fair” thing we had been taught all through training that reared its ugly head on our final day and caused much pain.

Each phase had its own form of an organized beating for the Class caught doing something stupid.

First Phase was the IBS Boat Hike, which amounted to hours of torture with the boats for some infraction.

Second Phase was the “Jock Up Drill” which was hours of doing a variety of exercises with Scuba Tanks and an “I saw God” type of misery.

Third Phase, we did “Flights” which amounted to running a long, steep hill over and over with a wooden or metal pallet on our backs, and very little fun was had…

What brought on an organized beating in BUD/S? Well, cheating was at the top of the list, but that was kinda funny as we were taught...


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