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Spiders, Snakes, and Sharks.

Added: Sunday September 07th 2008
By: Don Shipley

I’ve had three different guys over the past couple days express concerns and fears over spiders, snakes and sharks. No SEAL likes any of them either, but we don’t give them much thought. There is too much to do on a mission, too much to think about, to give much more than a fleeting thought to being bitten or attacked by one.

We all have a few stories though.

For Team PT one day we all did a hydro recon of a beach in San Diego. It was an administrative daylight one, where we’d all line up parallel to the beach and swim in, taking soundings every 25 meters. The guy running the recon was in the middle of the long line of swimmers, and when time came to drop our lead weights and measure the distance to the bottom, (soundings) he’d wave his arm back and forth and yell, “MARK.”

The word “MARK” was yelled by each man up and down the line, and we’d measure and record the depth to the bottom.

It wasn’t easy to stay on line during the...


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