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You believed that?

Added: Wednesday July 09th 2008
By: Don Shipley

I received an E-mail and spoke with the guy who sent it; he wanted to attend a course here and mentioned that he met the SEAL who Commanded SEAL Team THREE during Vietnam.

Problem is, there was no SEAL Team THREE during Vietnam and the name he gave me didn’t check out either.

I get inundated with bullshit having the website, much more than I ever did meeting phony SEALs when I was active duty.

My neighbor was in SEAL DEFCON SIX… Bullshit…
My Uncle was a SEAL in Iran…. Bullshit…
My friend went through SEAL Training in the Army… Bullshit…

It just keeps coming and unfortunately for the phonies, I have the names of every guy who has ever FINISHED training. Not the fault of the guys telling me these things, they just believed someone who is a very convincing bullshitter.

The 2008 estimate of the United States population is 303,824,650 and fewer than 10,400 guys...


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