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Added: Sunday March 15th 2009
By: Don Shipley

I entered the IHOP Restaurant around 6:00am and my ass was dragging after a very busy night in Virginia Beach. As wore out from a tough night as I was, the call that came over the radio was as serious as they come, “Code Red,” and a strange calm that always came over me in emergencies “sunk in.”  
The second I walked in the place I knew this “Code” was going to SUCK in a BIG way, and that the “Suck” would go on for hours.

It was a one of my strangest, but also a “hits close to home” type call I had being a Paramedic…

I’d been a SEAL for about 10 years and we lived in Virginia. I was painting a shitty cabin cruiser fishing boat I had and watched my 3-year-old daughter get run over by a truck in our driveway. A terrible accident with horrible injuries, she was revived from cardiac arrest three times by Paramedics before the Nightingale helo got her to a Trauma Center.  

18 now and getting ready to graduate, she has no marks, no scars,...


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