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Cambridge, MD 21613

PHONE: 757-572-7203


Guys arriving for our Navy SEAL Training course fly into Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk, Virginia (ORF) and we’ll pick you up. All trainees must arrive on Saturday before 2 pm ET as we make a couple shuttle runs pick-up from the airport on Saturday.

Try "Sharons Travel Service. VERY cheap for the hard work she does, I always use her for our travel... Sharon will find the fastest, easiest and cheapest flight to Norfolk. Just tell her "Extreme SEAL Experience" and the Course dates...

Sharon can be reached at 1-800-848-0471.

Trainees are cleaned up and taken back to the airport by 11 am on the day their course concludes. Allow an hour for security and check-in, and book a return flight home after 12 noon ET for the day your course concludes.

When your training is complete, we’ll drop you back at the airport.

All meals, lodging, and accommodations are included.

Trainees will use the cabin as a staging platform for their equipment and to plan operations. During nights off, trainees can fish the pond for catfish, watch a movie, relax around the fire, and get a good sleep in the cabin and some well-deserved rest.

Training Areas: The training areas for Extreme SEAL Experience are vast and varied. Located in Chesapeake, Virginia, we have unlimited access to thousands of acres of farmland, swamps, rivers, lakes, and woodlands and our training is conducted in two States and three counties.

Close to Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, home of the East Coast SEAL Teams, many SEAL platoons and SEAL snipers have conducted live fire and maritime operations in these areas. The terrain is very challenging and perfect for conducting Special Operations type missions and training.

Meals: All meals are provided and home cooked while conducting training at Extreme SEAL and trainees normally eat four meals a day.

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