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Extreme SEAL Course Prices

1. Do the Navy SEAL Advanced Course. Seven Days for $2350

2. Do the Navy SEAL Advanced Operator Course (AOT). Seven Days for $2350

3. Do both Courses together. Fourteen Days at a 5% discount ($235) for $4465. 

We must speak by phone before Trainees sign up for courses. 757-572-7203.

Persons needing to pay by credit card will need to make final payment a couple days before arriving...

To book a good flight try "Sharons Travel Service. VERY cheap, $25 bucks for the hard work she does, I always use her for our travel... Sharon will find the fastest, easiest and cheapest flight to Norfolk. Just tell her "Extreme SEAL Experience" and the Course dates...

Sharon can be reached at 1-800-848-0471.

Our SEAL Advanced Training and SEAL Advanced Operator courses are limited to 25 guys max. This allows for much one on one time with trainees and greater attention to detail. We keep the classes small...


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