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The Hell Night adventure "Belly of the Beast" is an intense 24-hour challenge and endurance course derived from Navy SEAL "Hell Week" and instructed by a cadre of hand-picked veteran SEALs and Advanced SEAL Training Instructors.

***Hell Night is part of the Advanced Course and begins on Sunday.***

The sole purpose of Hell Night is to show you what’s inside you and prove that everyone is capable of 10-times more than they think they are.

This is not a mindless day of pushups and wind sprints. It is a very calculated day that will test you to the very core both mentally and physically.

Everyday life becomes easier because you have just been through the hardest 24-hours that most people will ever go through. You survived and learned that big problems in life are now little ones. You have learned how to attack the small pieces of big problems and only the small pieces that really matter.

Your self-confidence and self-esteem go through the roof. This is mental strength, and while physical strength is great and very necessary, mental strength is the tool of success. A strong mind allows you to do far more that a strong body.

There’s very little love during the 24-hours well be together and you may wonder what you were thinking to sign up, but at 0700 on Monday morning, we couldn’t knock the smile off your face if we tried as your sense of accomplishment is overwhelming.

Your teamwork and leadership skills will dramatically improve as you’ll be forced to pull it together quickly as a class.

You’ll receive dynamic instruction in hand to hand armed and unarmed combat and other SEAL skills you cannot get anywhere else.

You’ll execute a class mission in full camouflage at night which will require you to use everything you were taught.

Anyone can do this. It’s all in your head and heart.

We will change your life forever and you’ll never regret doing it, that’s our personal guarantee.

***All Trainees and aspiring SEAL Candidates will receive a personal letter of recommendation from me for inclusion in their BUD/S package.***

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