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Extreme Training

At first I was unsure how realistic this prep course was going to be. My thoughts were quickly cleared-up when we started the day. I had an absolute Fan F**kingtastic Time! For someone who wants to experience SEAL Team and BUD/S they should defiantly attend this training. I enjoyed every single aspect of this. My particular favorite was the knife fighting, Hell the entire day Kicked Ass. I want to give major props to the Instructor Staff and cook. Thanks for everything. David Smith

I thought it was an amazing experience and it was really nice to see what I could actually take. The more the Instructors F**ked with us, the better it became. The Instructors got me switched on. Ill be back for many more sessions to get my ass kicked. An Ass Kicking Experience HOOYAA. Matt James

Don 4/20/08 ( Hell Night) This has been a great adventure. Very well organized, thought out, and professional. I wouldnt change a thing. The Instructors were very approachabele. I feel I got a true sample of some of the training required to be a Navy SEAL. My experience will continue with Platoon Training sometime in the near future. If at anytime you need me for references please do. Really a rockin good time. All the best. Doug Shelton

Extreme SEAL Experience is one "Bad Ass" Experience. I came in and went out two different guys. Cooler, tougher, and a take no shit kind of "Cat." Extreme SEAL is instructed by two tough Bad ass Navy SEALs Instructors Don Shipley and a real Hard crazy SEAL Jim "Maddog" Madison. These guys are the real thing, I consider the men of Honor. Extreme SEAL Experience course is set into evolutions of land, seal and air SEAL Training. This is the real deal and the best SEAL Training to date. I will personal put my cock on the block if you find something better-you wont. One more crazy nut I would like to thank is Rick "the Gun Nut." So guys if you one to be a Navy SEAL and are going to BUD/S do this course. Anyway one more thing I want to say is to every SEAL out there, "Take it easy out there" and may God be by your side in the hour of need. Michale Brabetz. South Africa. "Respect Boys."

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