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Relaxing at the Cabin.

You have six options for training at Extreme SEAL Experience.

(1)  Navy SEAL Advanced Training (Basic Entry level) includes Hell Night= 7 days, $2050 http://www.extremesealexperience.com/25.l.1410.SEAL_ADVANCED_COURSE

(2)  Navy SEAL Advanced Operator Training ( More Advanced )= 7 days, $2050 http://www.extremesealexperience.com/112.l.1410.SEAL_Advanced_Operator_Training

(3)  Navy SEAL Advanced Training + Navy SEAL AOT Training (Full Course)= 14 days $3895

All courses "above" start on a Saturday and end on a Saturday.

(4) Navy SEAL Combat Shooting Course Level 1. Begins on a Saturday and ends on a Wednesday. The cost in $1650.

(5) Navy SEAL Combat Shooting Course Level 2. Begins on Wednesday after Level 1 and ends on a Sunday. The cost is $1650 or do both Level 1 and 2 with a $100 discount = $3200 http://www.extremesealexperience.com/860.h.SEAL_COMBAT_SHOOTING_COI

Call 757-572-7203 for questions...

At Extreme SEAL Experience we understand monetary and time constraints of trainees and offer the different three options to fit your needs. Each course offers something different. 

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Night Mission.

At Extreme SEAL Experience we understand monetary and time constraints of trainees and offer the different three options to fit your needs. Each course offers something different. 

Persons flying in to Norfolk International Airport need to arrive before 2 pm on Saturday as we make two shuttle runs from the  airport pick-up for arriving trainees.  I have departing trainees back at the airport by 11 am on the day their course ends. Allow an hour for security and check-in at the airport and book a flight home after 12 noon the day your training course ends.

No additional cost for the pickup and drop off at the airport. Hell, there's no additional cost for ANYTHING and I don't use ANY sneaky, SMALL PRINT, Horsedick on my website or in my Training Courses...

Anyone needing to leave on days other than the scheduled ones during training we can adjust in most cases to fit your needs.  Give us a call. 757-572-7203.

                                Extreme Training Course Requirements

Persons attending should understand that this is a military type adventure training for civilians and you should be in average physical condition. While there is no need to be a Superman to attend this training, this is not a weight loss camp either. We have older and younger guys who attend this training for many reasons.  No matter your age, we’ll push you 10 times farther than you think you can go.  We allow guys as young as 16 to attend who aspire to become SEALs, but you must "breath fire" and demonstrate maturity to attend. 

Each class has a few guys' in their 30's and 40's that attend. Be prepared though, the older guys' are expected to "LEAD." Guy's as old 65 have attended and kicked ass here. 

Foreigners are all welcome and no additional requirements or licenses are necessary to attend Extreme SEAL Experience. Just show up...

Guys have attended training here being, Near-Blind, Deaf, have Cancer, Asthma and Diabetes to name a few. If a man tells me he can do this course, then HE can do this course and I won't stand in his way...


  • 16 year olds and up can attend. I have allowed 15-year olds who are close to 16.
  • No problem with guy's wearing glasses or contacts here. 
  • Parental consent forms must be signed by parents or guardians of trainees under the age of 18.
  • Taking Medications is fine.
  • All trainees must sign a “Release of Liability” for attending Extreme SEAL Experience.

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Combat Pistols
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Graduation Cake.

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.50 cal Sniper Rifles used at courses.

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Soviet Dragunov Sniper Rifle
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Hook and Pole. Shipboarding Practice.
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Cast and Recovery


Extreme SEAL Experience Chesapeake, Va

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