QUESTION:  My Uncle was in military just barely retired after 20 + years and he said I should be a Officer because he said he wish he’d went to college and not get treated like shit and get more money etc. But now that you told me its selective I might have to think about that and do SEAL Snipers go to Marine Scout Sniper Training because its good sniper school, a Army Ranger told me that some of them do because it’s the best sniper school - Johnny (

ANSWER:  We go to SEAL Sniper school in Indiana all run by SEALs. A tough course and the attrition rate is high. Each SEAL Platoon has at least two Snipers in it. Many SEALs want to be Snipers and when a slot becomes available at Sniper School they ask to go.  I won’t compare it to the Army or Marines as each is very tough and teaches the same principals. It’s enough to say that in the current conflicts, all Military Snipers have been kicking ass...

I was never treated like shit being enlisted, but I guess it all depend on who you are. The Military goes out of it’s way to look after everyone in it’s ranks, Officer and Enlisted. You get out of it what you put into it. I’ve seen plenty of guy’s treated like shit, and all of them acted like shit in the first place to rate that special treatment.


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