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The Navy SEAL (AOT) Advanced Operator Training, our second week course started out years ago as a Sniper type course here. But we have so many guys who come back to Extreme SEAL each year and they want something different each time they come.
Very little of what we started in 2006 for the Sniper Course remains

The coures costs $2050 for the week.

The AOT Course begins on Saturday. It includes a live fire Combat Weapons shoot at night using NVGs and Infrared Lasers on Suppressed AR15s and AK-47 and a tough dynamic live fire combat obstacle course. You'll do Long Range Zodiac Navigation, Advanced Rapelling, and Advanced Close Quarter Combat to name a few evolutions.

A challenging course and very fast moving, trainees attending will have bragging rights completing it. 

Saturday: Arrive/Gear Issue/Assignments/Meet and Greet Welcome to Virginia.

0800-0900 PT/Swim
1000-1200 Training Weapons Issue/Close Quarter Combat
1300-1700 Patrolling/Contact Drills
1800- Supper
1900-2200 Night Close Quarter Combat Runs. Kill House 1 and 2.

0800-0900 PT/Run 
1000-1200 Rappel  Training/Prep Gear/Lunch  
1300-1800 Rappel/Fast Rope/Climbing/Close Quarter Combat. Village, all structures.
1900- Supper- Night Off

0800-0900 PT/Run
1000-1200 Prep Zodiac Boats/Outboard Engine Training 
1300-1700 Zodiac Boat Training Practical/Navigation Training/Plot Compass Points
1800 Supper
2000 till completion. Maritime 10 Point Night Compass Course

0700-0900 Gear Prep/Plot Points/Safety Brief/Launch Boats
0900 until completion 50-mile course. Boats launched 30 minutes apart. Boats Crews rendezvous with Jet Boat/SDV at pre determined points.

0900-1000 PT
1000-1200 Clean/Stow Boats
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1630 Weapons Retention/Combat Knives
1700-1800 Depart/Arrive Range
1800-2300 Combat Night Weapons NVG Laser Shoot

0800-1200  Monster Mash/Hog Wash
1200 Lunch
1300-1500 Clean up/Gear Turn in
1700  Graduation

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I just wanted to thank you for the life changing experience you, Senior Chief, Chief White, and Instructor Ryan put me through. I learned a lot about working as a team and trusting the guys you work with, learned a lot about SEAL Team, and learned a lot about myself. I will definitely be coming back atleast once, maybe twice before I ship out.  Hope you and the Shipley family have a great Thanksgiving. 

Joel Westerhoff ESE 11-12

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